Counselling is a professional therapy that involves the development of an interactive relationship between counsellor and client. The purpose of this relationship is to provide the space for the client to attain a deeper understanding of themselves and to make changes in their lives to cope with stress or personal issues.

I work with a variety of counselling therapies, tools and techniques, CBT and person centered.  Dependent on what and how the client’s wants help, the therapy provided is specific and tailored to the individual client’s  needs.

Working with issues such as Depression, Anxiety, Low Self Esteem, Anger etc., the therapy tends to work in a goal focused manner, using action orientated techniques, combined in an Integrated approach using Person Centered, CBT and Solution Focused Therapies.

CBT allows for the client to be active in unlearning unhelpful thinking and behavioral patterns and increase the development of the client’s personal coping skills and strategies so they can meet their determined goals.

Working with issues such as Bereavement, Loss, Trauma and Abuse etc., the therapy provided works in a person centered and humanistic approach. This provides the client with a safe place to explore the context of their issue and where it may be causing problems, in their life, childhood, work and relationships etc.

The number of sessions required in counselling varies, it is dependent on the individual client and what they want to achieve from counselling.

The normal range can be from 6 -12 sessions, held on a weekly basis and each session last for 55 mins. The cost rate per each session is €50.00.